Guarantee all your online transactions with Move Secure

Move secure is Ghana's safest online payment guarantee method, protecting both buyer and and seller, and ensuring value for money

Tired of disappointments with online purchases?

Move secure offers buyers a secure, safe, and transparent transaction platform that provides the financial security needed to make online payments

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Move Secure

Move Secure is a payment service that guarantees transactions for buyers and sellers.  When you make a purchase online, the funds are held securely until the product is delivered or service is rendered. Funds are only paid when both the buyer and seller are satisfied with the transaction.

We ensure that both parties are protected equally throughout the entire transaction and we also provide a dispute centre that aids in resolving disputes that occur during the transaction.

How Move Secure works

  • Buyer and seller agree on terms of the transaction

  • Buyer makes payment via any of our channels and an order is created for the transaction. i.e Payment is held in suspense

  • Seller (Merchant) delivers goods or service to the buyer

  • Buyer approves goods or service

  • Payment is released to the seller


Questions we frequently answer

1. What is Move Secure?

Move Secure is a payment service that guarantee transactions for buyers and sellers. The service ensures the needs of the buyer and seller are treated with equal importance, and both parties receive equal levels of protection throughout the entire transaction.

2. Can Move secure be used by anyone?

Any valid registered Mobile money user in Ghana can access and use Move Secure.

3. When do I use Move secure?

Move secure can be accessed 24/7. You can use Move secure anytime, any day.

4. Can Move secure be used by any seller?

Yes, any merchant with a valid national ID can use this service.

5. Is the Merchant/ Seller given a unique code?

Yes, the merchant is given a unique 6 digit short code.

6. Can payment be made in international currency?

No, payments can only be made in Ghana Cedis (GHS).

7. How do I set up as a merchant on Move Secure

Visit our website ( to set up as a merchant on Move secure OR Call our helpline 059 692 1261 for assistance.

8. How do I check the status of my transaction?

Status of the transaction can be confirmed using “Pending Confirmations” option under the Move Secure menu.

9. What happens when payment is done and product is not delivered?

A refund is processed immediately seller confirms delivery was not done.

10. How sure am I that I will receive the product after payment is done?

Payment is only transferred to merchant after buyer has confirmed receipt.

11. What happens when the buyer doesn’t confirm receipt after the merchant has confirmed delivery?

After 48 hours of no confirmation/ dispute from the buyer, funds will be transferred to the merchant.

12. What happens when order is canceled?

Funds are reversed after the seller confirms that the request can be canceled.

13. What happens when seller declines request to cancel order?

The seller and the buyer are directed to our Online Dispute centre for resolution.

14. If there is any disagreement between the merchant and the buyer, what action will be taken to resolve this?

Seller and buyer are directed to our Online Dispute centre for resolution.

15. How do we reach Move secure team for any assistance.

You can reach the Move secure team on:

Phone number: 059 692 1261

Whatsapp: 055 825 5574

16. Are there any charges applied on the transaction.?

No, you will not be charged for using Move Secure.

17. What happens when the sender and the buyer are directed to our Online Dispute centre?

Both the sender and the buyer requests for a mediator who takes information from the respective party to resolve the dispute.